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Bold New Design for the Lodge Details Page

Today we've rolled out a bold new design for our Lodge Details Page. Every lodge on the site will be presented using this new design starting today. Here is a rundown of the enhancements we've made.

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Let us promote your's free with your Premium Listing!

Whenever you have a special offer, last-minute deal, or any other promotion that you want to reach a wide audience with, we can help.

Examples include:

  • special pricing  to keep your lodge full during the shoulder season
  • discounted packages because of a cancellation
  • last-minute deals

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Better looking, easier to find contact information

It's just a small thing, but we're often making little tweaks like this and we very rarely announce it. So we thought this time we would make our lodge partners aware of it and how we're constantly refining our product to ensure the best experience possible for our visitors, and the most new leads for our lodge partners.

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The monthly performance report

All our lodge partners who have a Premium Listing receive a monthly report that shows several key performance indicators. The report shows you how well your ad is working for you, and it's something you don't get with most advertising options available to you. Here is a sample of the report:

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Show Fishing Package Prices in 4 Different Currencies

We've improved the interface again by adding something that will be extremely helpful to anglers from the UK and Europe as well as those from Canada and US. Now all pricing information can be shown in any of 4 different world currencies: Canadian dollars, US dollars, British Pounds Sterling and Euros. All conversion is done on-the-fly with exchange rates updated daily.

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Real-time, current weather conditions now available for all fishing lodges

We're on a quest to develop the most useful tool for people to research fishing lodges and fishing resorts, and provide all the information needed to select their ideal vacation in one place. This way, our website visitors win by saving hours of time by not having to scour Google search results. Our lodge partners win, by providing additional exposure and reducing the amount of effort needed to build out their own websites with the same useful features.

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Comparing the 2 listing plans

If you're a fishing lodge or resort owner, listing your service on is a great option to reach a large audience of anglers and increasing your bookings. We offer 2 different ways to list your lodge, from completely free to a nominal monthly price, and each has their own set of benefits.

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TripAdvisor reviews now available on! is very different than TripAdvisor because of the depth of information we provide that you just can't find in one place anywhere else (including TripAdvisor). However, TripAdvisor reviews are a trusted source of information for guests researching their fishing vacation, and a key part of the decision-making process. So we're happy to announce that we are now able to integrate your TripAdvisor ratings and reviews directly into your lodge listing on!

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A Tour of the Lodge Details Page

Your lodge details page is your "real estate" in our website. It shows prospective guests the details of your lodge that they need in order to make a decision to book with you. It's like a listing on TripAdvisor, but WAYYYYY more complete (and we only deal with fishing lodges and resorts). It's the destination our website visitors ultimately arrive at after they search or want to book one of your last-minute deals.

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