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Fishing Tips for Alaska Rainbow Trout

Tips from a pro—John Perry from Angler’s Alibi

The Alaska trout are by far the real deal when it comes to size of the fish in comparison to it's fight. If you have ever seen Tie Domi fight back in his NHL days, you would understand the comparison. He was short, but strong enough to take on anyone in the league regardless of their size. A 16" Alaska rainbow trout can pull around a 20" trout from the lower 48 with ease. They are just stronger, and it comes from pure genetics and diet.

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Fishing in the Alaskan Interior

If it’s a remote Alaska fishing vacation you’re after, you’ll find yourself far from the crowds and close to nature in Alaska’s interior. This region makes up for nearly 80 per cent of Alaska and is home to the state’s largest river systems. Surrounded by wildland, these rivers, along with a network of streams and lakes, are teeming with many species of fish including Dolly Varden, northern pike, burbot, sheefish, arctic char, arctic grayling, rainbow trout and all five species of Pacific salmon.

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Sportfishing in Kodiak Island, Alaska

If you’re looking for a remote fishing destination that is out of the ordinary, Kodiak Island is an exceptional choice for your next Alaska fishing vacation. The only way to get to Kodiak Island is by plane or boat and the public road system on the island is minimal. Alaska fly-in fishing lodges, float trip guides and remote fishing charters can take you to isolated angling grounds that offer access to both fresh and saltwater fishing. You’ll enjoy the lack of crowds, dramatic landscapes and some of the best salmon and halibut fishing in the world.

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Sportfishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay is tucked between the Alaska Peninsula and the most eastern part of the Bering Sea. There are several rivers that flow into the bay that receive populous runs of all five species of salmon: Sockeye (red), Chum, Silver (Coho), King (Chinook) and Pink salmon. The abundance of fish in these waters make Bristol Bay an ideal destination for your Alaska salmon fishing vacation.

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Fishing in the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Discover world-class freshwater and saltwater fishing in Alaska amongst majestic mountains, glaciers and an abundance of wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula. This region’s dramatic scenery and landscape offers a wealth of activities for all lovers of the outdoors, especially for those who love to fish.

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So a lodge owner says to us "my web guy says my site traffic and SEO is way better than". Here's how we responded...

Recently we received an email from the owner of a lodge near the Kenai River in Alaska.  He had heard about us and had asked his "SEO expert" about whether he should join and have his lodge listed on The reply he got was "Let's put it this way... your site outranks by a bunch! Your website traffic blows theirs away and your SEO outnumbers their SEO." 

The following is an (almost) verbatim reply we sent about why the advice we was getting was just plain wrong

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Sportfishing in Southeast Alaska

Southeast Alaska (also known as “the Panhandle” or “the Inside Passage”) is a long, narrow coastal strip of land stretching nearly 500 miles from Ketchikan in the south to Yakutat in the north. It’s known for its fjords, mountains, maritime climate, old growth spruce and hemlock forests, glaciers, and of course, the fishing!

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