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Fishing Tips for Alaska Rainbow Trout

Tips from a pro—John Perry from Angler’s Alibi

The Alaska trout are by far the real deal when it comes to size of the fish in comparison to it's fight. If you have ever seen Tie Domi fight back in his NHL days, you would understand the comparison. He was short, but strong enough to take on anyone in the league regardless of their size. A 16" Alaska rainbow trout can pull around a 20" trout from the lower 48 with ease. They are just stronger, and it comes from pure genetics and diet.

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Sportfishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay is tucked between the Alaska Peninsula and the most eastern part of the Bering Sea. There are several rivers that flow into the bay that receive populous runs of all five species of salmon: Sockeye (red), Chum, Silver (Coho), King (Chinook) and Pink salmon. The abundance of fish in these waters make Bristol Bay an ideal destination for your Alaska salmon fishing vacation.

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